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Why you really need an affiliate marketing coach

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do you need an affilaite marketing coach or running coach?

When you decide to start an online business, then you will probably come across the fact that affiliate marketing is the easiest online marketing business model.

But what about all the little pieces that go into this model…

On the surface it looks really simple….

  • Find an affiliate program
  • Promote the products
  • Get the audience to see the promotions
  • Audience buys the products
  • You make money

So how hard can it really be….

There is all the free information online, in places like Youtube….

Ok, so a few questions….

  • What products are you going to be looking at
  • Who are you targeting them at
  • How are you going to promote them
  • How much have you got to spend
  • How quick do you want results
  • What skills do you have online…

These are just a few of hundreds of question I could ask, that all need answering- not before you start, but as you go through the process.

What could make your life easier….what about someone who has helped others through the process successfully.

Sounds to me like that would be a coach…..

Or a mentor….

An Affiliate marketing coach will help you get results faster, be supportive,and help you reach your potential – rather than trying to sort out all the details yourself, where you maybe going in the wrong direction until you spot a small piece of information on hte internet.

What’s the difference – mainly the time which they are with you.

A coach is more short term and a mentor is more longer term.

But effectively they are doing the same job- getting you from where you are to where they think you can be in the shortest possible time….

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of having an affiliate marketing coach…

Faster results

When your coach knows the business model, they can steer you in the right direction.

The best coaches will not tell you exactly what to do, but will get you on your own feet in the shortest time possible.

This will help you in the long run to be independent.

So the route from starting to being online can be shortened significantly by someone being there looking over your shoulder.

Giving you…

More security

The confidence that you will reach the successful end goal.

After initially discussing what objective you are after, your coach will give you an outline of stages and a timescale – based on your time available.

There maybe a little back and forward discussion, but your coach will push you a bit more that you want.

But knowing they are there will give you more security that you are going in the right direction.

You are not leading yourself up a wrong path after watching yet another video from a different method…

Having a coach will give you a lot more confidence that you are traveling the right path.

It will give you someone to ask questions of.

They will give you the resources and support to …

Reach your potential

Many people who start an online business give up within 3 months.

This is where you may have got confused in your direction, led astray with shiny object, or even if you have found a course that would lead you to a successful business – you will quit as there are no results yet….

Over this critical time, you do need support to keep going – this is what seth godin called the dip in his book, i have heard it elsewhere as well.

You start out with good intentions, you then start to realise it is a little more involved that you thought and ….

This is where the dip comes in…you either give up or you keep going with the knowledge that it is really worth it.

With the support of your coach, telling you where you are in the process – you can see yourself moving towards the goal.

They are helping you reach your potential.

They will also help you…

Train your brain

The one thing that separates most people working in a 9 to 5 from others making a living online is mindset.

I know you have probably read a little about this elsewhere, but i want to say to you that it is crucial to have the right mindset to succeed online.

Having an end goal, a target to achieve within a timescale and someone to help you achieve it, is an experience like nothing else.

There will be days when you really don’t feel like doing anything on your business, but you need to – especially in the early stages….

There will be times when you have set targets and don’t feel like you can achieve them, this is where you coach can help you push that little bit harder.

There will be times when you just want to walk away…your coach can be there to listen to your why not and turn it into your why again.

And hopefully your coach will all the time from the start be working on strengthening your mindset, little by little – until it becomes habit for you to go through your business daily  to add that extra bit – to find out the extra fact that separates your post from the rest.

And give you the confidence that you do know that bit more that the people you are passing your knowledge onto.

The fact that you are giving your best all the time.

Your plan for your site is taking you in the right direction, as shown by the feedback.

Is it really worth it

Well having a coach looking over your shoulder, can make 6 months to a years difference – or even stop you giving up completely…

Just think of the improvement you will get from someone who has done down the route you want to travel.

Who understands where you want to be, and by what time….

Helps you set achievable goals – ok maybe pushing your comfort zone a little, but imaging how you would feel once you reach those goals….

From starting your online business to getting your first dollar – to keep you going ( and you will never forget that first dollar feeling) in as short a time as possible your coach will be there.

Successful people have no problem in hiring coaches when they venture into new areas, to shorten the learning cycle.

There is nothing wrong with hiring a coach, in fact it should be seen as the opposite – in starting a new venture, you should always seek out a coach to get the results you want to achieve faster.

If you don’t want a coach …get a course

It won’t be quite the same but looking around for a course that will help you get results faster may be a more cost effective method.

Depending on your personality – you may be the person who can self motivate daily – with an end goal in site.

Or you may not….

The latter may not be suitable for an online course as most will need focus and commitment.

Looking for a course with a community of people who are going through the same process as you will can give you a boost that you need – especially in the low times.

You need a crowd that will support you and that you can give back to  – showing that you have learnt what to do….

There are two courses i am on both of which are supportive – one better than the other for the beginner.

Signing up through an affiliate link will allow that person to be your coach – giving you one on one training, objective feedback and getting you started in the right way.

I would really recommend the Wealthy affiliate program.

The one thing to watch out for is the internal system, taking time away from working on your business.

But if you can work with your coach, and interact with the community then it really is a safe and secure environment to start your business in.

It is almost like having over 2000 plus coaches available whenever you need them, day or night – there is usually someone there to answer your question, either in live chat or a question posted to the community….

But to start your business, to get your plan together it is best to work with your coach one on one.

They will keep you accountable for achieving the goals set out.

The other course is for those who can work a little more independently this is Project24.

A course designed to take you to a goal of making money online with a blog in just 24 months.

The short daily videos give you your instructions for the day – do you have to do them that day – of course not , but it will increase the time to success.

You do have a forum where you can ask questions any time.

But you don’t have any one person who you can call on- so information is community based.

But the courses are kept updated, and the owners are ‘in the field’ testing what works and what doesn’t.

You are kept updated in the videos and the podcast.

The choice is yours.

You can go for one on one coaching, work out a plan and follow through.

You can go for the community based course, interacting with others who are going through the same process.

You can learn the latest techniques and implement them within your latest blog post.

But whichever you decide to do ….

Good luck.

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