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Your first blog post idea

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You’re all excited, your mind has been racing for the past few days with your first first blog post ideablog post idea.

I am going to start my first blog … you sit down at the computer … and … your mind goes blank.

EEK … but I had hundreds of ideas a minute ago.

What am I going to do now?

What is a good first blog post idea

Well for your first post you could:

  • Write about you, if I asked you about you in a coffee shop what would you say – write it down

  • Why are you starting this journey? – what is your motivation and where are you going with this?

  • Are there any common questions in your niche? Create a brief faq – to be expanded on in individual articles

  • What about blogs you look upto in your niche? Create a list of 5 or more and tell us why

What about post length

You have probably been reading about article length and getting scared. Seeing gathering ideasthe lengths as a minimum of 1500 words.

You are starting to panic, I’ll never be able to write that amount … how can anyone write that amount.

Stop panicking.

Start with article lengths of 300 words and see where you go from there.

Google has a minimum article length of 300 words before it really takes notice of it, so there’s your first goal.

Structure of your first blog post

I will talk more in depth about each of these in future articles, but for now here’s a first blog post template :

  • heading

  • introduction

  • first topic

  • second topic

  • third topic

  • conclusion

  • call to action

If it sounds complicated then copy and paste the above into an open office or word document.

And under the introduction, write down what the post is about.

So for example, take this post, I would write something like.

  • introduction

    an article about how to get some ideas for your first blog post, how to structure it and most importantly get started.

Then the first topic

  • first topic

    four ideas for blog posts – about you, what you stand for, why you want to do this, who you admire.

Then the second topic

  • second topic

    how long does it have to be – how many words are enough

Then the third topic

  • how do you structure a post

    basic way of structuring a post and achieve a minimum of 300 words (we are up to 413 at the moment)

Then the conclusion

  • conclusion

    the main thing is to get started – write something, get something down on the screen and onto your site – break the duck

And a call to action.

If you have never heard of this then let me explain.

An article always has a purpose, to educate, inform, entertain or solve a problem. start writingSo at the end of the article you need to tell people what you want them to do now, never expect people to know what to do.

So you can ask them to sign up to be kept up to date with you latest articles, ask people to share you article, ask for a comment or recommend a solution to a problem.

It can be a one liner, be as basic as possible to prevent confusion and state it.

The one thing I haven’t said anything about is the headline, for me I tend to leave that to the last.

This way I can use a keyword tool to come up with low competition keywords, which helps with search engine ranking.

This topic will be covered in future articles, but for your first headline, it doesn’t need to be clever. Just tell your visitors what it is about. ‘The reason why I started blog’ or ‘who you should look out for xxx in the yyy niche’.

What is your first blog post idea

So we have gone through from the – I don’t know what to write … to how much get started with your first blog post ideayou really need to write … to how to create it .. and you are here, nearly at the end.

The main takeaway is to get started, you can get ‘paralysis by analysis’ and strive for the perfect article and never get anything done or you can sit down and come up with a topic, write down three or four ideas on that topic, flesh it out and create an article.

Don’t forget to read it back, preferably out loud, edit it if necessary, add a relevant picture or two and then get it onto your site.

You can change it in the future if you want to –  but get started.

If you have found this useful and want more tips on how to get started, sign up and be the first to get my new articles.

Many thanks for reading about how to get your first blog post idea, if you liked it, leave a comment, if you didn’t, tell me why, but without knowing what you think I will carry on.


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