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About Phil

This site will help you find a way to achieve a passive source of income. Be it your primary source or a secondary source of income, here on passiveincomexplorer you will gain access to information on how to set up and maintain passive sources of income.

Phil’s Story

For years I worked in the same job, as an electronics engineer, 30 years almost to the day. The job, at the start was really enjoyable and I used to stay later for no extra pay – yes I really enjoyed my job.

As time passed the company grew, more restrictions were added and the job became less enjoyable.

At this time I started to look for alternatives. Living on the fringes of the countryside I was limited in what was available.

I could move and change my lifestyle, I could stay and get a low pay job. Or I could do something else.

I didn’t want to move, I enjoy where I live and spent years getting to where I am.

So low pay or something else.

I chose something else, I looked on the internet.
The company beat me to it, they relocated the premises and I was forced to move or leave.
So now on my own with no income, tough decision.

I have stuck it out on the internet and it is starting to pay off.

Now that I am starting to understand what is going on in the online world of business I would like to share my knowledge with others so they can start to make a passive income from the internet.

What information I am putting on this site will help you understand what it takes to create a passive income.

On this site you can learn how to change your mind to one where you are receptive to making money.

The tools which I have used to create what you are reading and how you got here are exposed.

My aims

My aim with this site is to help you setup a second or third income, so if anything happens to your primary income you are not left like I was.

You will have an income coming in and are able to scale one of the others up or look for other opportunities to replace what is missing.

You can eventually get to the point where you don’t need to go the office and can work from home – or anywhere there is an internet connection – you could be living the laptop lifestyle in faraway places, if that is what you want.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

So click on the start here to find out more of what is on offer on this site.

Thanks for reading




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