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What is the best affiliate marketing course for beginners

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You want to get into that internet stuff you have heard about – or even read about – and you want to know what is the best affiliate marketing course for beginners.what is the best affiliate marketing course for beginners : studying

Well you have found the right article. I have been affiliate marketing for a few years now and have stuck with the same course I am about to recommend for all that time.

I have looked elsewhere and tried a couple of other courses but have always come back to the one I am with now.

What is it?

Well to find that out you can jump to the bottom or carry on reading the rest of the article.

What do you need on a course for beginners

What you don’t need is someone who promises to make you a millionaire tomorrow by buying this software, so I won’t.

What I will say is that if you are determined to make this work there are places on the internet which will help you. They will not do the work for you but will be there when you need them and that is one of the most vital parts of the training.

Imagine working on an article till 2am and getting stuck. What are you going to do now?helping hands

Well what you need is a training program with a community that is awake 24 hours a day- every day so you can ask questions and get almost immediate responses.

Are there places like that which you can trust, I know of one.

So we have established you need training and a helpful community, what else do you need to build a successful online business?

You need a website, email, tools and a lot of determination to succeed.

How complex is affiliate marketing

If you really analyse it, it comes down to four things:

Getting your product before the right people at the right time for the right price and making it easy for them to buy it.

And that’s it.

Ok… so are you a millionaire yet?

No , neither am I – so it may sound easy but in practice it takes a while to get the hang of it.

You need ot pick a niche – or topic- to help people with.

Yeah, that’s right help people solve their problems, this is the easiest way to get people to trust you.

With that trust comes the ability of them clicking through on your recommended solutions.

Once this happens, as long as they buy your solution, you get a commission.

That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

So for your niche you need to know their pain points – or their problems.

To find these you can use tools to see what words they are using to search for their solutions – or keywords.

These keywords are what you use to create your articles to talk to your niche about their pain and offer solutions.

Easy so far – if you have the right tool.

For your niche to find you, you will need to be well ranked in the search engines.ranking page

To achieve this you need to target low competition keywords – or low hanging fruit.

Once you have created your article, you can use the publish and pray tactic – just publish and leave it to rise to the top of the search engine – or you can promote your content.

The marketing side of affiliate marketing can take as long, if not longer, than writing the articles.

There are numerous channels where you can market your solutions to your niche, all depend on you really knowing your target audience if you are going to succeed well.

But don’t worry you can be taught how to do this.

Does affiliate marketing work

Affiliate marketing is a business which will not disappear any time soon.

Manufacturers or even distributors, like Amazon, need affiliate marketers. They need the extra help you will give them to make their sales.

You are part of their sales force. You are able to look at the products they are selling and recommend it as a solution to someone’s problem.

With this and the extra information you create around the niche you really help with the sales of the products in the niche.

So if you produce high quality content, combined with finding the main problems people have, recommend suitable solution, you will succeed in making sales.

Yes it does work.

How long does it take

This is one of the questions people ask.

As you may have found elsewhere on the net, I cannot say it will take you 6 weeks to gettime passing visitors and then another 6 weeks to start to get sales because every niche will differ in results.

If you choose, say the baby strollers niche. Well you may succeed quicker than if you pick a more highly competitive niche.

You will be able to get your articles ranked quicker and possibly higher and see more traffic earlier.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at the more difficult niches, but you need to be realistic that in the body building niche, unless you come up with a brand new miracle method of building muscles you will not see results, probably, within a year to 18 months. I told you you needed a lot of determination to succeed.

There will be times when you think of quitting, and with the training this is another area where the community will help, they have been through what you are going through and can keep you going.

I have been tempted to give it all up, as I saw no results in the first 3 months, so what’s the point.

Then I read a few posts other members had put on the site, where you maybe giving up within inches of breaking through and stuck to it. I did take a break of a month, and it didn’t matter.

I then went back to it and found another place where my audience were asking questions, I started creating useful articles about what they wanted to know and they started to arrive at my site. I even have articles in position one on page one of google.

All of this following the training within the best affiliate marketing training I have found.

How much money will I make

Another one of those awkward questions with no firm answer.

Depends on how many visitors, whether you are recommending a believable solution, whether they trust you. And what commission level you are on.

Most affiliate marketers start out with Amazon, it is the easiest place for beginners to start, as they accept most people.

They have a wide range of items to offer.

But… and there is always a but with something as good as this, the commissions are really small, typically 5%.

So for every $1 you sell you make $0.05, you need to sell a lot of dollars worth of goods to see a good return. But it is a good place to start and then once you are seeing traffic and they trust you look elsewhere to find higher commission manufacturers for your solutions.

What is the best affiliate marketing course for beginners

So for the best affiliate marketing course we want:tick off list

  • good training
  • large helpful community
  • tools to help you find niches
  • tools to help you find low competition keywords
  • website hosting
  • emails
  • tools to help you find affiliate offers
  • technical support

Wow – that is a lot for one place to offer at high quality,

I have found a program which has all of this and more.

All of the above with easy step by step video guides and task based modules for you to track your progress.

These guys have been going for over 10 years now, so they must be doing something right.

They could have sold out and started to sell ‘get rich quick’ schemes but they have stayed true to what they really believe in, and are often helping out in the community.

You really are not going to find a better all in one solution.

It keeps growing and is constantly being updated, so you don’t need to worry about information being obsolete.

What is it – it is the Wealthy affiliate program check out the review.

Does it sound too good to be true, well it does have a few drawbacks.

I do feel some of the early training is not broad enough to give you a solid foundation, like knowing your audience really well.

There are a few one liners in the training, which I would like to see as a full module.

But overall it is a very safe place to learn Affiliate marketing online.

You can, once you are more experienced, start looking outside – with things like different hosting.

But as a beginners course I really don’t think you will do better than Wealthy Affiliate.

Why not try it for free to see how good it is.

Personally I would prefer them to charge a small amount to have the more serious people go through to the program., but at the moment it is still free to join.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have the determination to get started with, to me, what is the best affiliate marketing course for beginners on the web.


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