Wealthy Affiliate Review : How Can This Platform Help You…

be where you want - when you want with the Wealthy Affiliate program results

Can you imagine what it would feel like if you could do anything you wanted whenever you want?

If you create a successful online passive income then this can be true.

And this can be achieved with a program called Wealthy Affiliate…..

What is the Wealthy affiliate program….

The Wealthy affiliate program is an all-in-one business solution. There are training courses, hosting services, Keyword tool, community support, Tech support, website builder, domain registrar, domain email client all within the premium membership site. They teach you a system of affiliate marketing to create a passive income.

It all sounds good…but is it too good to be true….let’s find out…..

What it takes to be successful online

Success is a open word – it means different things to almost everybody.

But if successful means that you don’t need to go to ‘work’ anymore and are time rich, then this takes a lot of work to build enough income for it to work for you.

In whatever you do, it takes work….

But trying to do this in a 9-to-5 is not impossible but unlikely…

So building an online business and creating a passive income is the best way of doing this…

Passive income seems like you do no work…not true…in this case anyway…

Passive income means that you can earn an income even if you are not there…

You are not exchanging time for dollars…

Why reinvent the wheel

If you decide that creating an online business is for you then the last thing you want to do is to start from scratch and working out all of the details yourself.

You will waste so much time doing this that it will be years before you work out how to build a successful online searching for info is time consuming - better to have a mentor and take a coursebusiness.

What you need to do is to find a proven system and duplicate it.

And a safe environment for beginners.

There are so many people online ready to take your money…as i am sure you have found out…

Do you get what they advertised…not always…or it may not have suited you…

A lot of courses tell you what you need to do…but not how…

So you know what you need to do to make money online…but the details still elude you….

Well the wealthy affiliate programs don’t just tell you what to do, they show you how to do it.

With easy step by step processes.

And indicators that you have achieved the steps.

Right from what affiliate marketing is ( this is the method of online business they show you how to create in both their courses) through to ppc advertising (paid for traffic).

These courses take you, in your own time, from someone who doesn’t know anything about having an online business to putting up ads on bing to get traffic and leads.

There is a ton of other value with member created training – worth checking when it was created and validating it still works….

The weekly WAbinar , normally run by Jay – a very seasoned marketer, keeps you updated on things that need updating from the main courses.

But I would say that it is best to go through most of the main course before you start getting overload from the content on the WAbinars.

 Tools of the trade

Every trade has tools they need and building an internet business it is no different.

So what are the basics resources you need.tools of the trade

You need somewhere to put your site – hosting.

There are several levels of hosting as detailed in my hosting article.

But wealthy affiliate as part of their platform has a hosting company…

Why is this good…well all of the technical bits of setting up a site have gone.

If you really do need to add something to the root directory then you can ask tech support to add this to your site.

So that takes care of where to put your site – what about the content on your site.

That all needs to be unique, with good grammar, spelling sentence structure and punctuation and when you publish it to your site then it is checked for unique content.

Not unique enough, you are warned and get the chance to change it.

Add royalty free images from the library within sitecontent – with over 1 million stunning images.

But before you create the content, you need to know what to write about – what your niche wants to know…

And this is where a keyword research tool comes in handy.

Within WA there is a lite version of Jaaxy, check out my full review on keyword tools that i have used to see where it fits…

Typing topics into the alphabet soup tab will give you keywords for almost every letter of the alphabet.

Clicking on these will take that to being your seed keyword and get you the metrics – or at least the competition and avg traffic figures, along with a seo figure for overall competitiveness.

If you want to know more then check out my Jaaxy review

But take it from me that it is a very simple to use tool that can turn up gems to create content about, just follow some simple rules and your content will start to move up the rankings in no time…

And talking about rankings – Jaaxy lite has a ranking tracker that will show you – on page one of google, bing and yahoo what your rank is now and was as a tracker…but you won’t need to worry about that for the first few months…

And once you have enough content on your site….you need to find the affiliate offers that are going to bring in the money.

Jaaxy has an affiliate tab to allow you to keyword browse through Clickbank, Commission Junction, Linkshare and digital river.

Wa also added another menu item in 2019 to allow you to search for affiliate programs within the main program- this has added Awin and a few independents to the affiliate scheme list. Well worth checking out…

Ok so you have your site setup, content on there, pages with reviews or solutions with products….

You can get a few backlinks by using the authority of the WA platform to get members of the community to review your articles and comment on your site – always worth it in google’s eyes…..

And talking about the community….

Benefits of a community

When you start something new a lot of people join a club to get the experience of others.

This is a little more difficult within the online business community- not impossible. help from the community is essential in your success

But the Wealthy Affiliate platform is something special from the others i have seen.

The community is massively active – with some members being active to the detriment of their sites – it can get addictive….

With their top 200 list and the top 25 being called ambassadors, a lot strive to reach the top when they first start out.

Besides the fact that their rank within WA means nothing to their site and the fact that they won’t have the experience to answer the questions fully….

I know i did it for a while…it really does become slightly addictive, one thing to watch for….

If you need help in how to operate your business, or setting up your site, or which name sounds better for a business- then ask the community.

You will get answered….

There is also a live chat area where you will interact with other members, and occasionally Kyle ( one of the founders)- the other one is called Carson (he’s the techie one).

This is a reasonably fast paced question and answer thread to get your questions answered quickly….

You can follow members who you think are worth it and any blogs or training they create you are notified by email, if setup.

The notifications can takeover your inbox, depending on how they are setup and how active you are…

And you can ask your referrer questions, they are not bound to answer- but  would have thought it polite to at least answer as they are being paid for you to be there.

But i always second source advice, whether i think it is correct or not.

And it is the same with this community- you don’t know the level of the person answering your question – they maybe answering incorrectly but not know it at the moment….

But when you are down – even just following the community can help lift your mood.

Knowing others are working hard to achieve their dreams and have the same opportunity and tools available as you – and seeing the success stories…

So they are there for the bad times as well as the good times…

Making it easy

But creating a business online is hard…..

You need :

  • Hosting
  • Domain name
  • Plugins
  • WordPress
  • Content
  • Comments
  • Stamina

And a host of other things i cannot think of now……

And i agree.

The best way to get started is to have a mentor and a proven method of making money online.

This way you know that you have the backup of someone who has already gone through the process….and a process that does work…all you need to do is to make it work for you…..

With the short step by step videos and action steps, the Wealthy Affiliate platform takes you by the hand and guides you through the maze of online business.

Showing you how to use their site builder in four easy steps…after which you are ready to start using sitecontent- their proprietary content system tracking your progress on your content creation.

Being shown the steps to think about when starting your online business is important – and WA have content showing you the customers buying cycle, so you understand where in that cycle you need to pitch your content.

So with hosting in house, domain name purchase in house, wordpress installation inhouse, content creation inhouse, keyword tool inhouse….

Then you have almost everything for your business.

If you have looked around at online businesses then you may have come across the statement ‘ the money is in the list’.

And seen that list building via an auto responder is key to owning your own audience – rather than relying on other sources of traffic.

This is where WA does not have an inhouse auto responder…

I am hoping in the future that this will be included and more training given, but it is one feature missing.

Who is it for

Wealthy affiliate is really for the beginner, with little experience in online business creation.

It is also for those who are struggling to find easy to access information for that vital next step to making money online.

It is also for those seasoned affiliate marketers who are looking for the next affiliate program to add to their portfolio.

But for the online newbie, it offers a safe environment to learn about creating an online affiliate site.

With all the skills you learn through this platform you can manipulate them to almost any online business.

What can you achieve

People who started in this platform have gone on to create million dollar businesses.

There are also those who are earning a substantial living from the platforms affiliate program.

And others who are earning a living from promoting their ideal products.

But it does take time to generate momentum within this business model.

You really need to be looking at a year to get it moving.

Does it need to be a full time year…

Well you need to be able to create at least 2-4 posts per week for that time period.

You need to be able to spend a few hours per day on your business at the start.

There is a steep learning curve at the beginning with everything you need to take into account….

So it is definitely not a cash overnight scheme….

But it is a snowball effect business

Your efforts at the beginning may seem like you are achieving nothing – but you need to trust the proven model and your mentor….

Keep plowing through the time when it seems like your site is deserted and no one will be coming, then…

What you will see is your ranking starting to rise as you become an authority site, as people search your articles will be seen towards the top of the results and being clicked on….

And as your site gains momentum, more people will arrive…..

Thee have been a lot of people who have asked whether they can do this only on a mobile phone…

Well, if you can imagine creating articles and formatting them on the mobile screen…

Personally i struggle to see videos properly on the mobile …

So for me it is a no, to achieve something like this then you ideally need a tablet minimum, or laptop or desktop.

You will be researching a lot, swapping between windows and programs…

You could use a mobile and an adapter to mirror the screen to your tv and a wireless keyboard and mouse – then you are using the mobile as a computer- with a big enough screen to see multiple windows – the restriction now will be storage.

But try it – if you are determined enough then anything is possible….

 Are you ready for it

But it is not for everybody….

If you won’t invest in the time it takes to build the foundations of this business- then don’t do it…

There is a free taster membership – where you get the first level of the core training free along with a free siterubix site…

But unless you know what you are doing then it is unlikely you will be able to build out your business.

It is very useful to see what the training is like and whether you get on with the style of training….

And to mingle with the community for a week – after the week you lose the ability to ask questions…..

But if you are thinking of starting an online business then you have nothing to lose from the free trial- you will gain valuable information even if you don’t get on with the platform…

And you can have a look at the training contents to see what you need to learn, and go to youtube to see if you can find videos about it….

But doing it alone…is a very lonely process…..

Who is going to support you in those down times….wa signup page

Who is there to ‘have a look over your shoulder’

Who is there to keep up the momentum….

It really is all about community and a clear path through the maze….

So why not click on the button below and join in – think about what you can achieve…

That different life….

The freedom you can get……

It won’t be that long away, but if you do nothing …nothing will change……

What’s it worth to you and your family…..

As I said you have nothing to lose on the free trial……..

When you decide to move up to your premium account then the cost of the first month will be $19 followed every month after that with a fee of $49.

I know it may sound expensive but you are getting hosting, training , access to the community, live weekly webinar ( and access to the library of replays), access to tech support, unlimited searches with the keyword tool – every thing the platform has to offer. Everything you need for your business at the start….

get your free membership



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