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How to Make Money Affiliate Marketing

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Have you ever wondered how to make money affiliate marketing? If so then you have found the right to make money affilaite marketing : dollar in hand

Read on to find out how to start, how to be successful, where you can work and how long it takes to make money with affiliate marketing

So lets find out how to start…

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

You know that thing you like – you know, that thing you think about and like doing – it makes the back of your neck tingle, time seems to disappear, everybody asks you about it, you never stop talking about it.

Well you have just found your passion.

If this solves a problem and people are looking for this solution then you may have an affiliate business to make money affiliate marketing : people listening

What you now need to do is to validate it.

You need to find out whether there are many people looking for this solution.

The way to do this is keyword research. This is too large an area to delve into here but read this (to be linked) article and you will find out more.

You need to make sure you aren’t going too broad, keep to the one solution to start with and when you get known for this, then you can ask the audience for more ideas or broaden your scope.

Use Google trends to find out how long this area has been going for and whether it is an old idea or a growing one. Ideally pick a growing one, but even an old idea can become a very profitable business, marketed in the right way.

How to be a successful affiliate marketer takes a lot of drive, a bit of time, training and an awful lot of mindset.

What do we mean by mindset – well if you start this opportunity with the attitude of ‘ I will just start selling this program and make loads of money now’ then you will probably quit within the first few weeks. These first few weeks will seem like you are wasting your time, all this work for what?

No-one is looking at it, or reading it so why should I bother.

It is at this time you need to remember why you started this, that tingle on the back of your neck, the people who still how ot make money affiliate marketing: deterined look

ask you about it – and you tell them about the site, but still they don’t visit.

This is where you need the strength of mind, the drive the will to keep going ‘ you know it will all turn out all right in the end’.

Oh and you need a bit of training – yes you can do it on your own, but with a bit of guidance it will make the job a lot easier.

How to Make Money Affiliate Marketing

To make money with affiliate marketing there are two main things you need

  1. a good product or service

  2. and people who want it

So making money with affiliate marketing is about building relationships with people. Getting them onboard with your ideas, which solve their problems.

Once you have started building up an audience who want to see what you will produce next, then you can start recommending solutions to their problems.

They will buy it with no problem now as you have built up a rapport with them. They like you, they want the information you are producing, you are like them and have the same problems.

It is easier for them to take the solutions you are offering, rather than them think through the problem themselves, although some audiences will give you ideas for solutions.

At the start you need to produce good quality, helpful content.

Challenge their thoughts a bit – not too much or they won’t be back, but be a little off beat.thoughtful person with marker

Engage with a person while you are producing the content, and listen to their responses.

Try to capture their email address to keep them updated.

Make it all about them, most people have a ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude so feed this.

Where can you Work

So you think you don’t have time to start affiliate marketing?

What about doing a little keyword research while you stand in line at the shops waiting to be served?

Take that teatime break to look up your stats and post a couple of tweet’s about your latest post.

Yes it will be difficult at the start, you will need to invest time – or money- to get going.

If you want to do it all yourself then it is all about time.

If you want it set up quickly, then with the training I would recommend, it will be outsourcing to get it all set up.

Where can you work from? Well it used to be wherever you could put a laptop down, but now it is wherever there is a mobile signal and you have your phone with you.

It is not the most convenient method of working but with most of the platforms working on the cloud, it doesn’t matter where you are you can access your content to update, or rewrite.

I can see in the future that you will not be tapping on the keyboard but will be talking to the phone or device and this will become your content.

This will make the first draft an awful lot quicker, and be able to be carried out anywhere you have your phone – where to work - beach scene

even if it is just recorded for later download and transcription.

So pick your place – a beach in a country you have never been to? A mountain you have never climbed yet? A city who’s past you know nothing about yet?a culture you promised yourself ‘ one day’ ?

Well with affiliate marketing your dreams can come true.

How Long does it take to Make Money Affiliate Marketing

This is one of those questions which is almost impossible to answer.

It all depends on what you are blogging about. It depends on how hungry your audience are for a solution to their problem.

It has been known for sites to appear and within weeks they have thousands of visitors and are making thousands of pounds a week.

Is this likely, to be honest no. but don’t let that put you off.

You know you want to start this journey and it take time to build a relationship. So the money will not be instantaneous.

It will build up and once you start to get people sharing your site as a solution you know it is going to happen. Up until that point you will need to work on producing good quality content and promoting your solutions yourself.

As stated previously, it comes back to the investment, time or money.

Some really don’t want to write the posts, but have a fantastic idea and a vision of what the visitor experience will be. These people will need to invest money in getting the information onto their sites.

Others will dislike the marketing side, so they have the choice of staying unknown, learning about marketing or using a virtual assistant to take care of this side of the business.

So at the start, don’t chase the dollar. Start out with a good solution to a problem, tell people about it and recommend the solution. Get people to follow you and trust you.

Once you get to this stage you can recommend solutions and they will buy.

And so – is it for you?

So with the right attitude of ‘ it’s a long term business’ – not chasing the dollar. Creating good quality information and marketing it to the right like minded people who want to read what you produce, you have just learnt how to make money affiliate marketing.

On this site I will be expanding on all these areas to give you more information on how you can start out affiliate marketing.

If you have a passion which is burning inside you and want to help people, why not find out more about affiliate marketing?

wealthy affiliate training

Affiliate marketing training

On the training side I would recommend the training I started with – the Wealthy Affiliate program.

You can start there for free and see if you like it. I did, then I signed up for a year and another.

It covers all of the various skills you need – so come on click here to learn how to make money affiliate marketing, what have you got to lose?

Many thanks for reading

I will be back soon


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