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Amazon affiliate training courses – are they worth the money?

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You want to start earning money on the internet, but have no clue how to start.

You have heard that there are a lot of scams out there and don’t want to be another victim, is the Amazon Affiliate Training course from humanproofdesigns a scam?

Program: Amazon Affiliate Training Course

Owners :

Price : $7


Go straight to the course

Ease of use

An easy to follow along video course. Introducing what you need to do to setup an Amazon Affiliate site.


There are 7 videos in this course with a bonus one detailing a successful case study.Amazon affiliste site training course overview

These are:
  • Why choose Amazon
  • How to choose your niche
  • How to choose your domain name
  • Getting your site set up
  • Content type
  • On-page SEO
  • Backlinks
  • BONUS – A case study of a successful site

 Amazon as a starter affiliate progam

The first video is all about ‘ why you should choose Amazon’ for your first affiliate site – Using it as a learning curve.
What advantages Amazon has over other places like Google Adsense or clickbank.
How to scale your business.

Choosing what to sell -your niche

At almost an hour long this is the longest video in the course.

The reason for this is that this is one of the most important parts of Amazon affiliate training course : niche selectionyour business, get this right and you have a good chance of making money with Amazon.

Watching and understanding what Dom, the owner of Human Proof Designs, is saying will put you ‘head and shoulders’ above most of the people starting in affiliate marketing.

With the information included in the video you will find Dom’s techniques to target low competition niches.

You will be able to check your competition, with easy methods, to see if you can get ranked highly in Google.

Find where to search for ideas, sort out the high performers from the others.

Thinking you need a different niche – what about grill covers? Yeah I hadn’t thought of that niche either, but check it out in the video.

Learn the ‘ideal product’ specifics, giving you the best chance of getting sales.

Choose niches which give you the best chance of ranking in the search engines and find whether there is a high level of competition.

Find out some of the secrets of a Google search, get yourself above the competition.

Learn how to find low competition keywords for your niche and surprising other niche ideas along the way.

Get the Human proof designs Niche criteria they use for their niche selection.

What’s in a name – picking your perfect domain name

Watch this short video and find out how to select your site name.

What is important in the site name and what is not necessary now.

Get the tips on selecting your perfect domain name.

If your name is taken then use the hints in this video to select another.

Find out which sites Amazon bans from the outset – don’t pick one of these!

Sort out your hosting – where you store your site.

What is the cheapest method.

After watching this video you will have a very good idea of how to pick your domain name to get you started

What will your site look like – setting up your site

Choose which platform to host with after seeing the information in this video.

Learn how to structure your site as an Amazon affiliate site.

Find out what pages you really need before you start.

Confused about the difference between a page and a post – this video shows you the differences and why it is important.

Find out what is needed by Amazon to accept your site.

Sort out an ideal theme for your site.

Get the list of the required plugins for your site.

After this video you will have the basic site set up.

What do you write about – the types of content that sell

Learn what types of content are best for an Amazon affiliate site.Amazon affiliate training course : review post

You are taken through the five different types of content and why you need to add all of these types.

Adding general information to your site to show your visitors you know what you are talking about

Giving answers to questions your niche has will bring in more visitors to your site.

Compare products to get people buying.

An in-depth product review can persuade your visitor to click thorough and buy.

List type posts will add value to your visitors.

What length of post will get you the best chance of ranking .

You are taken through the types of articles on different sites they have produced.

Learn about on-page SEO – how difficult is it?

L:earn in this half hour video about the different types of SEO.

Find a secret of first level SEO.

Proof that your articles will rank for multiple keywords with these techniques.

Which SEO plugin is the best in 2018 – give yourself the competative advantage.

Prevent keyword stuffing to stop Google punishing your site.

Learn the techniques you should use to be natural and make the Google bots happy.

Find out how to improve your SEO after your page has ranked.

How ‘perfect’ does your page need to be for google to ‘see through’ your over optimisation and prevent you reaching page one?

Backlinks- what are they and how to get the best ones

Find out which of the 200 odd factors are important for ranking highly in google.

Amazon affiliate training course : backlinks
Find an article to comment on for a backlink

Learn what backlinks are and why they are important.

Find out which links are the best to get.

Which hat should you use when getting links – white, grey or black.

Learn the best way to get your links

Learn what to do and what to avoid

At the end

If you have not had experience in affiliate marketing and this is your first dip in the water, go back through the videos.
A lot of it may pass over your head the first couple of times you watch these videos, but there is a lot of information in here to help get you up the ladder quickly.
You have an advantage over your competition of watching someone who now makes a living at building sites, which you are about to start, so take advantage of the information held within these videos.
After the time I have been in affiliate marketing I learnt a couple of Amazon affiliate training course : fb grouptricks.

Join the facebook group and ask questions if you have any problems

BONUS- Case study

Find out what the hardest part of affiliate marketing is.

See Dom going through a site he built, what he likes and what he doesn’t.

You are taken though his mistakes he made and what he did to update them to make money

Find what works and what doesn’t

Listen out for techniques which will help you rank for more than one keyword.

See what you can do with an afiiliate site – where you can rank and for how much

Be amazed at how many keywords you can rank for.

So that was the 7 video course in detail, find out what I thought in the next section.
The video course takes you through from not knowing what to hpd logochoose as a niche to setting up your site.
learn  :

  • How to choose your NICHE
  • How to select your DOMAIN NAMEaffiliate course
  • How to setup your site
  • What type of content sells
  • How to do ‘two stage’ on-page SEO
  • Whether backlinks are still important.

Looking at the terms and don’t understand them, check out my glossary.

Is this your first time looking at affiliate marketing? if so then you have found an excellent course to start with.

Dom will take you through the process of setting up an online business with an Amazon affiliate site.

You are shown what is required to build a successful money making site, but with none of the ‘ you will make millions’ guruism.

The information is presented in a way that beginners will understand, but people who have tried this technique and not succeeded will not feel insulted.

From this short course you can pick up masses of hints and tips to start or boost your Amazon affiliate marketing business.

  • Just starting out on the road to affiliate marketing, this course is for you.
  • Started Affiliate marketing and making no money, this course is for you.
  • Making money at affiliate marketing, this course maybe too basic for you, but you may pick up a few tips along the way.

The pros

The course takes you from why Amazon through to building backlinks, so a lot of ground is covered for a newbie.

The whole process from picking your niche and making sute that it will make a profit through to getting links to help you rank in the number one position, this short 7 video course takes you on a journey which will last a lifetime.

The relaxed style of the videos gives you the confidence that Dom knows what he is doing.

The amount of information in these videos will help you to set up your successful online Amazon affiliate business.

After finishing this course, you can ask question in his facebook group to sort out any problems you have.

The videos are your for life, any updates are given free as are any additions.

The low price puts it in the path of almost everyone who really wants to take action. It may seem too low , but as Dom says, he wants to give everyone who really wants to learn about affiliate marketing a chance to learn from his experience.

The cons

The videos are good, but without you taking action it is just another course. What is lacking here is a list of actionable topics which you can accomplish with each video.

You could make your own, from watching the videos you can start a process to making your successful online business.

There is only talk about ranking in the search engines, no real mention from where you get your traffic from. There is a little talk of going to forums to find information on your niches pain points to answer, but little talk of how to add links into the social media to prevent you from getting banned.

For someone starting out the amount of information may be intimidating. It is true, all of this needs ot be accomplished to make a succesful site, but break it down into manageable chunks for you to digest and take action on – otherwise it will be another of those courses which held so much promise…


  • Does cover the whole process for building a site
  • Able to get in touch and ask questions
  • Hints and tips on how to make a profitable affiliate marketing online business
  • Low price


  • How to start to get traffic
  • The marketing side – a necessary part of the business.
  • Need more information, hand holding

If you are sitting on the fence about whether to start in affiliate marketing then it is worth the few bucks this course costs to see what it is really about from someone who has been ‘ in the industry’ for a few years and has now fully made it.

After watching this course through once – take a few days to digest the information and then maybe re-watch the videos with notepad and pen to make notes.

After that start to organise what you have to do to make a successful site and decide whether you have the time to do it. Know that it is a commitment in time or money to get one of these sites started. And that it is not a publish and watch the money come in.

Affiliate marketing does take time to get going.

But it is well worth a watch – or a few watches of this course to find out some very useful hints and tips to make your affiliate site a success faster than going it alone.

  • Looking at affiliate marketing for the first time?
  • Confused as to what you need to do?
  • Invest in this course and learn from someone who makes their living at building Affiliate Sites.

Go and have a look at the course

An even better way to start the training for affiliate marketing is to join a community of over 500 thousand people – all who are training to make their own business online, including Dom.

Have a read of my review of the Wealthy Affiliate training and see if you want to join me and the others in creating an online affiliate business for yourself. Step by step training, website hosting, community support and it covers all of the latest topics with weekly live webinars.

Join myself and Dom in the free WA training course

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