How to Overcome the Fear of Change

You know that feeling when you start looking at something you want to do How to overcome the fear of change : fearand then you start thinking maybe this is not for me? yeah…
Do you want to know how to overcome the fear of change?
Let’s try to explore what is going on when you feel this fear.

Fear is Normal

Every day you experience fear, whether you are aware of it or not. Everything which is not exactly the same as it was yesterday causes the body to react with a sensation of fear.
The sensation of fear is normal, we are programmed to detect change in the unconscious brain. This is filtered down to the conscious brain.
These small cases of fear are easily dealt with as they are filtered into the ‘not a threat’ bucket.
The others – the threats… well they have to be worked on between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind to determine whether they are a threat or not.

Overcome the Fear of Change

When you start something new, your unconscious brain has nothing to compare it with.
Your unconscious brain likes the status quo, do what you have always done and it is happy.
When you start to explore new ideas then it starts to get a bit jittery – cause butterflies in the stomach, dry mouth, sweating.
The feeling of ‘I’ll put it off till tomorrow’, especially if it is something you have never done before is a reaction to change.
Why do we have a fear of change?
Doing what we know is easy.
If you have to come up with something new everyday you would get used to that. But at the start when it is new, it will be difficult as it is change – your brain will resist.
Little by little it will become normal and it will be accepted.

Reaction to Fear

Your brain starts your body producing chemicals to get it ready for a ‘fight or flight’ response. Your senses seemed heightened, overcoming fear : fight or flightbody temperature elevated, more energy, time seems to slow down. And you are just sat there after the boss has given you a presentation to do in an area you have not dealt with before.
Your brain is now racing, telling you ‘you can’t do this’. This is all normal.
To a certain degree this is what happens when you think of changing your life – looking at a new program to supplement your income. Your brain starts shouting at you ‘ you don’t have time for this’ or ‘you won’t succeed with this, why bother?’
This is the brain trying to keep you on the original path, It doesn’t want change, Just keep doing what you have for the last number of years and everything will be ok.
But it is not, you need to keep changing to keep growing as a person, you need that stimulation to create new connections in the brain.

Dealing with Fear

What you need to do is to pacify your unconscious to the fact that it will be alright.
What you are looking to do is ok.
A bit like when you install a program in your computer and Microsoft asks ‘ do you trust this’ and you click on yes – the computer then installs the program and you can do something else with it.
you have to do the same with your unconscious, you need to tell it that you initiated this idea and it is ok to explore it.
This way you can train your brain that the new idea is one which you can accept as trusted.

How to overcome the Fear of Change

So change is all about dealing with fear.
You have the choice of recognizing it or going back to what you have done for a while – as that is safe.
Beginning a new program, like an online business, is scary, does come with the fear factor.
But with the course I am recommending, you start for free, so there is no money outlay until you are ready.
There is a a great community of people who are all going through it – so you can see it is safe, it is not something no-one else how ot overcome the fear of change : the next stephas done.
There are success stories – so you can see it works.
So it is now down to you to tell your fear that it is ok to try this for free, as others have, and when you enjoy it, succeed as others have and it will be ok, it will become normal.
Why not click here to say it is ok to feel fear, but I am going to deal with it as I know it is safe and start on my journey to making my successful online business.
I look forward to meeting you on the the next step of your life.