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Keyword Overload – Get Organized – Get Keyword Researcher

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You know those lists of keywords you have put away ‘to be later’

dog accessories google keyword tool results

Google keyword Tool Results ‘Dog Accessories’

The ones you got from google keyword planner – they were the ones that gave you ‘that’ keyword which was gong to set your site on fire, but you couldn’t find it again.

Well you maybe able to drag them out with this program.


Keyword Researcher by Clever Gizmos

Keyword researcher pro by clever Gizmos is a program installed on your pc.

It’s lightweight but extremely powerful.

It’s a keyword manager or organizer.

What does that mean…

Keyword Importerkeyword researcher pro box

Well…those lists from google keyword planner can go in there – and duplicates automatically be removed.

A simple drag and drop operation.

You can then move them from a temporary grid to a project grid.

It retains the volumes so you can sort with those.

But you can take it further.

Negative Keywords

If you find there are words you don’t want on your site then add them to the negative keyword list or the blacklist.

You can add tags to keywords and then filter via the tags.

Site Organizer

You can add categories and then articles ideas.

You can then drag and drop keywords into these articles.

Going down your list, which can be in the thousands for some niches, you can add more similar keywords to the same article.

This way you are clustering your keywords.

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Built in search tool

Once you have organized your existing list, you can use the built in keyword search tool to find more keywords from google, you can use different country google’s, or Amazon or Youtube.

The standard keyword tool for google will return those results you see from google’s autosuggestion – where you type a query into google and you get the drop down list…yeah all those for each letter of the alphabet.

There is even a helpful hint panel showing you likely searches which you can add to the keyword panel with a * query ( where the * is the tool goes through the alphabet and returns the results from google).

And you know the excellent related at the bottom of the search page in google and the google questions …well you can scrape data from them as well.

dog accessories question

results from dog accessories questions

I tried the google questions with ‘dog accessories’ as a seed keyword and after

reinserting the questions ( bit like clicking on the questions in google) i came up with 153 questions all ready for you to answer, satisfying your niche’s desires.

This is one powerful SEO tool

You can start to get a flow on your site content creation with this tool and build a structure of articles with keywords you want to create.

You can write your articles in this software tool as well.

WordPress Exporter

Have a WordPress site then you can export the articles in xml ready for importing directly into your site, categories and tags come with it.

So from lists of thousands of keywords, half of which may not be of any interest at all, this tools can sort quickly and easily to remove those from your list – leaving you with the ones that look interesting.

Lifetime Update

As the internet changes a lot of tools then become useless as they are not updated, not this one – the developer uses it so it is regularly updated.

I have seen a fair number of useful changes in my time of owning a copy.

I have seen added google related search, google questions search, new instance ( so you can open more copies of the software and do more searches or open different projects).

Every time google changes their parameters you can bet that this software is going to track and allow you to take advantage of those changes as the developer uses the software himself.

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Word Importer

If you write your article in word – you know that there is an issue when you use headings, tables or just

word importer results

result of importing formatted word doc

formatted text- copying and pasting into your WordPress site.

Well.…yep you know what’s coming – this tool has an importer.

I’ve not used it before, but just trying it with with headings and a table – it worked seamlessly.

Just copy your article in word or open office and click on the blue paste button and hey presto…your article formatted as you wanted it.

If it is not what you want – no worries you can edit it, either in text format or to the side you see the HTML and can edit this as well.

SEO Optimizer

Once you have this in keyword researcher and you have keywords linked to your article you can see where they are used and whether you have used the whole keyword or part of it and where.

So you can see with this tool you can organize your keywords and manage your site content as well.

For me this tool was a no brainer, I jumped at the chance to own it and with all the benefits you can have of saving time and organizing your site.

So let’s go over a summary of what it can do

keyword researcher pro long banner

Features of Keyword Researcher

Keyword researcher pro :

  • Is a one time payment pc program
  • Has lifetime updates
  • Is a keyword research tool for Google , Amazon and Youtube
  • Returns results from google related and google questions
  • Has a temporary and project grid for organizing your keywords
  • Has a white, grey and black list for keywords
  • Can organize your sites categories and articles
  • Can assign keywords to articles
  • Can help you with SEO for your articles
  • Can import from word with formatting
  • Can export your complete article to xml for importing to your site

So for a onetime payment tool this has everything you need for your SEO workflow.

There are currently 35 help videos explaining each function of the software and as new features are added the help videos keep up.

Are there any downsides to the software

Well …the only thing I found at the start was the need to use google keyword planner to get the volumes and no competition score.

But if you think that the whole purpose of writing an article is to get onto the first page of google, you get into the routine of looking at the first page and seeing whether you can beat who is on there.

And the fact that the keyword tool is not completely instant, but it will run in the background as you are doing other things on the tool and pops up when it is finished.

So if you are serious about organizing your keywords and getting your site organized then this is the tool you need.


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