Are Solo Ads Worth It

solo ads - are they worth it- let's find out

Getting traffic to your site can be difficult at the start of your affiliate marketing journey.

Getting targeted organic traffic to your site can take months, and even then there is no guarantee that they will buy through your affiliate marketing links.

So is there a quicker way to see if you are on the right tracks….

Yes there is…and it is called solo ads

A solo ad is an email advertisement, sent out by a vendor with an active email list in the niche you are in – for the purposes of marketing for you at a cost.

But do they work….

What are solo ads

List building takes a long time, with free search engine traffic, and can cost a lot of money done through paid ads on google and bing.

So a cheaper and quicker way to start is to use someone else’s email list, who is in the same niche as you…

And to effectively promote your advert to this list, you create what are called solo ads.

How do they work

You find a vendor in the same niche as you willing to allow you to promote to their list.

There are ad networks like udimi who vet their ad providers and do actively police them.

Or facebook groups…

Or companies who have been in this business for a long time…

And place an order for a certain number of clicks.

They know what each of their lists ctr ( click through rate) is and will normally over deliver clicks to guarantee the minimum number of clicks you order.

For this you pay before delivery – and the price can vary…

How to choose

The choice of vendors with lists is to choose a solo ads vendor

Just type into google solo ads vendors and you will end up with loads of results…

But which one to try…

Well the best way is to go with somewhere that will give you your money back if the deal is bad..

And look for reviews…the good ones have plenty of feedback and repeat orders…

And to sort out what you are going to do with your subscribers before you even get to this point.

Setting up an opt in form with a lead magnet and on the thank you page also having an offer may get you a few sales.

But talk to the list owner….

Ask them questions, after all if they can’t or won’t answer would you trust them….

Ask things like:

  • How old is the list?
  • When was the last time you emailed the list?
  • How frequently did they buy?
  • How large is the list?
  • Has this offer been sent to them ?
  • If so when?
  • What was the conversion like last time?

But remember this is their list, and they want to keep it.

So it is their reputation and they want to promote things which will add value to their list.

For them it would not be a good idea to send the same offer too close together, so they will leave a good gap between sending the same offer.

Start a dialogue and if you get a warm feeling then go with it.

But try out a few rather than risk everything on one.

And start small – try 100 clicks and see how it goes.

This way they will be able to get your ad in quickly rather than asking for 5000 clicks as they will need to fit that in with their schedule.

Try to get onto their list if you can find it…

See what sort of emails they send out…

Are they a good fit for your product…

If you can’t find their list then maybe they don’t have one or it is old and not actively refreshed….

Are they risky

There is a risk if you do not do any background work on the vendor.

There are those who will send bots

Or who have lists who will click once, but never confirm…

Or have software able to find your button and ‘click’ it

But with care and asking questions you can avoid most of this.

Are they risky…can you lose money…are they a waste of time…

If you find one or two vendors who are legit then they can be very useful.

But like placing paid ads with google there are no guarantees that you will get visitors …or even visitors that are buyers…

But it will cost per click more to go through solo ads.

Can you make money

You can, but a buying click will only buy once.can you make money with solo ads

Make sure you get the email address – and that is the main thing you should be going for… to build your list.

If you get a few sales on the first contact then good.

But don’t expect to make a whole heap of cash…

This will be an audience who don’t know you.

So you will need to warm them to you…

They maybe in the buying state for the other vendor, but they need to trust you.

So you will need to have an email sequence ready to go off to them – giving them loads of value.

And promoting products that will add loads of value to their lives.

If you just start sending them promotions then they will probably ditch you and it will have all been for nothing….

What are they for

What they are not for is quick easy profit – despite what others may have said.

It is not a get rich quick scheme.

Where you just promote your offer and run, as this is the quickest way to lose money and think that solo ads don’t work.

This is a lead generator scheme.

Take your time and plan the promotion.

Get the email sequence if place before you look for the vendors

Get your opt in or squeeze page up.

Get your facebook pixel in place to gather data on the type of audience that interact.

See if you can find the vendors lists and opt in.

Look for reviews on them – good and bad, most will have both…

Try to see what the attitude of both sides were before dismissing them.

And yes they will be more expensive than google ads but a lot more targeted.

But the main thing is to take action.

Even in the planning stage…

Have a clear idea of what you want…

You can’t say that out of say 100 clicks i want 60 to signup..

Unless you know that this is the sort of opt in rate you expect….

But looking at between 30 -50 % may not be too far from the mark…

It is when they have to click on the double opt in that problems may occur – again talk to the vendor – see whether the list is used to single or double opt in’s…

Plan out their journey – the value you are going to add.

Send them to your blog – keep adding valuable content to it and promoting it to them.

See what type of email is on the vendors list and whether it is similar to what you are going to offer.grab a course to learn more about solo ads

But it can be a good way to start to build your business quickly – as long as you work at it.

So do solo ads work – yes if you do the research and don’t expect to break even at the first opt in- but set it up as an email marketing traffic source.

The best way to learn more about solo ads is to be taught by somone who has been there done that and is willing to share their secrets of how to to fall into the traps of bad clicks.

So why not check out this course that will save you money setting up your solo ads campaigns – click the button below…
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