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 Is Affiliate Marketing Really Worth It?

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Affiliate marketing – the process of services or good for a commission, can it still make you money….

Is Affiliate Marketing Really worth it: Affiliate marketing is still one of the easiest online businesses to start up, it still works and will continue to work while people are creating products to sell. Is it worth it- yes it is, you can still make as much money as you want to.

So if affiliate marketing is still worth looking into let’s find out how to do it….

Affiliate marketing basics

You know when you talk to a friend and say ‘ there was this film i saw last night, it was brilliant –you must see it’ and then they go and watch it..

Well if you could give them a ticket to redeem with a reference to you, then the vendor who takes the money for the film could pay you a bit for sending a client.

In a way it is a win-win-win situation.

Your friend wins – as it is a film you know they will like.

The vendor wins – they get a customer they may not have.

And you win – as you get the commission.

In a way affiliate marketing is as simple as that – but it is not just your friends you are recommending products to – it is the whole online world…

As that’s where most affiliate marketers are doing business.

Yep it’s a business.

Where you create recommendations ( or solutions for problems) in a certain market, people are searching for information on this problem ( you have inside information…) and your article is returned as relevant for that search.

Once they click on your article, read it and then click on your affiliate link, go to the merchants site and purchase what you have recommended ( and maybe other things as well in some affiliate programs), you will see the commission…

Now just wait for the next person to look for that information…..

Is it easy to setup

There are really two main ways to go with affiliate marketing.

With a website and without.

With a website you have the opportunity to create content that will be there until you take the site down….

You have the opportunity to create a campaign to link articles together and give you the best chance of having your visitor finding the solution you are promoting.

To do this you will need hosting ( a place to store your website).

And a website ( the name your place on the web is called , and where your articles are stored)…

And it is your little piece of the internet….

It is possible to do affiliate marketing without a website, but it relies on a few things.

A little bit more money in some cases – where you are using paid advertising.

Or the platform where you place ‘adverts’ rules…

If they change these ( as frequently happens…) you can lose your business on that platform.

It is more difficult to create a campaign tied together with multiple articles all pointing towards a certain product, but not impossible.

How do the figures stack up

Some of you maybe looking at making enough money to take another holiday every year…so a few hundred bucks.

Others are after starting a new life, where you are in control ( to a certain degree)…

And need a full income…

You can make the holiday money relatively easily online.

Find a group of people you want to help and have problems…

Sort out hosting and setting up a website

Create a bunch of content with solutions to their problems.

Sign up to affiliate programs and add links to their products.

And maybe promote it on various social pages.

And over the year the amount of income will add up to a good holiday….

Now for a full time income you will need to put in more work that that.

You will need to learn a few more skills, easy skills, but things you have not thought about before…

You will need more content, a strategy, a knowledge of seo (search engine opimisation), possibly learning about paid ads on search engines…

The holiday blog will take a while to get going, but once going then you have this there next year as the start, and you can add to it.

The fulltime income, again will take a while to start making a return, and you may feel like nothing is happening, but be patient and promote your content elsewhere, this may help get some money coming in.

But it may not be a regular amount, some months more that other, with even a few completely dry months….

When will i see some money

A lot do ask this and it is a very difficult question to answer.

Do i know how much content you will create….

Do i know which sector of the market you will pick…

Do i know what your content is like…

Do i know…..

You get the idea.

But if i say that you create two or three posts of 1500 words a week for three to six months, and you are in an active sector.

Then you will start to see visitors and conversions.

Yeah, i know that is a lot of work….

But once it is done then you can take a break, for a bit and slow down on the content creation as you will have between 50 and 80 articles on your site.

You now move over more to the marketing, with a little content creation…

It is promoted as a passive income, and you can think that you have to do nothing after a bit, but the passive bit is the fact that it is working 24 hours a day, whereas you are not.

In a traditional job you are exchanging hours for dollars, online you may exchange hours for nothing to start with as you build up your site.

But after a while it starts to gain traction and you get visitors, even when you are not online.

They read and click on your links, even when you are asleep ( hence the passive bit…).

But you still have to work at it and maintain it….

So is affiliate marketing really worth it

If you want money this instant – then no, the chances are that you will not get it.

But if you want to build up a business that will serve you in the future , rather than you serving a business…

If you don’t want to be constantly exchanging time for dollars, and when the job stops you stop earning…

If you want to be able to have a more relaxed life….

If you want to build up to being more time rich ….

Then affiliate marketing is really worth it.

Once built and working, it will carry on working for years to come.

The secret is in the initial start – do you try to learn it yourself or be taught.

Learning yourself is obviously cheaper, but fraught with complexity and stumbling blocks.

Whereas being taught you have a path to follow, a proven system that will work for you.

Me…well i started in a place which is free to start, learning the basics in a very safe, supportive environment – with little technical skill required.

And then went onto more advanced training which has helped me grow tremendously…

What are these two programs….

The first place i would recommend taking a look is wealthyaffiliate – you even get a free site to try out the free training given.

It is a massive community of like minded people who are all willing to help you succeed.

Once you have learnt the basics from there i would recommend taking a look at project24.

An offshoot of income school, they help you grow your site, aiming for 1000 page views per month per article.

It really is worth immersing yourself into this low cost online business opportunity if you can.

Yes you may not see results instantly but given time it will grow and the returns can be massive….

I look forward to seeing you, if you take up the challenge, in either of the programs…

Give me a shout in either….

See you there…

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